I Had a Blast!  

Horny_Babe199513 25M
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13/7/2014 3:38 pm
I Had a Blast!

Prior to the 10th of this month I had really no BDSM experience as everyone has always been afraid of hurting me or some other petty excuse. That is one thing that brought me to this site. I got the chance to meet a man that is willing to give me some experience in this field. I had never been treated the way he treated me and I got off so much harder than ever before. I met him in a McDonald's parking lot and that is where the following took place. The two of us sat and talked for a few hours before things got hot (the windows of his car fogged up to the point that they couldn't be seen out of). We moved his car over by the dumpster and as I made a comment about him thinking that I was trash he immediately responded by saying I wasn't trash but a cum dumpster. As things got hotter marks were left on my breasts as he grabbed them with quite a bit of his strength. He talked to me like a filthy whore as he rubbed me under the underwear that he soon tore. There was nothing but a pair of loose shorts there and a summer dress to cover myself. The activities performed in the vehicle attracted some curious eyes that were quickly diverted. Eventually I soaked his seat with my juices, and since he shot all over his car he said that I was wasting it and wiped it up off of the surfaces and rubbed it all over me. It was almost like my head was in another dimension, hence the brevity. What I do remember though was that I enjoyed every minute of it and that I have marks and pictures of those marks to validate that it happened. I have never been treated so and yet still liked it.

caligarfio 42H
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13/7/2014 4:10 pm

hola , espero sepas controlarlo y cuidado con la gente

rm_mountnman18 30H
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13/7/2014 4:42 pm

Lets see the pictures you have as proof

Thepalehorse2 50H
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5/8/2014 5:59 am

pics is the proof

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