Where to start
In only two short weeks, I have become overwhelmed at the number of messages in my inbox. I am finding it completely unmanageable to keep up with. Many of you are probably wondering why I haven't replied or written back. I can tell you that just trying to read and check out each of those corresponding profiles to each received message is all I can do, never mind trying to write back. I do appreciate and am flattered by all the attention from all of the people, but somehow I have to ask, where to start? It may turn out that I might turn the message or profile off for a short while so that I can try to give consideration to those who attract me. As an example, right now as I am writing this short blog, I am receiving mail. Everyday that the profile is open I receive more mail and requests to meet, yet I am falling further behind trying to read each one. To me that is not fair and I am sure makes the writer sending the message frustrated wondering, why no response? For now, please understand...I simply may not have enough time to get back to you. What are your thoughts?
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Chastity indefinitely
Publicado en:18 Agosto 2021 7:00 am
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So, somehow my blog poll on wearing and staying locked in my chastity cage or not got deleted. What I can say is based on the voting results that were there, the majority of you want to see me remain locked in my chastity cage. That is the kind of support I needed to help me get thru the changes that wearing a chastity cage long term are putting on me. There are times I need to remove the cage to shave smooth and clean. But I assure you, with all the followers supporting that I keep the cage on and locked, I will. It is with your help in the voting results and comments that many of you leave on my chastity pictures, that help me understand that my new true lifestyle is as a feminine sissy slut and no more. I am not a Man, certainly not! I am not a genetic Female. But I am a total sissy slut and need to act and behave as one.

By wearing a locked chastity cage, it prevents any interaction between me and my useless pathetic sissy clit! It forces me to realize the sensitivity of my real sex organ, which is my pussy. It has become the only way I can satisfy any urge to orgasm. There are no more erections, no more jerking off, no more Woman to have sex with. If I am to sissy orgasm, it is ONLY thru my pussy! Whether from my dildo or a Man's sexy hard cock, I leak or drain, that's it. The useless sissy cum is fucked out of me! There is no erotic feeling or sensation a Man experiences from cumming hard thru His erection into a pussy, only humiliation as I loose another sissy load as it drains and puddles on my belly with each strong balls deep thrust from the Man topping me!

The only other way is if Master removes my cage to play with my clit. If He decides to stroke me off and force me to squirt for Him....it is Him that does it. Not me, unless instructed by Him. At times my hands are restrained behind my back so I have absolutely no contact with my uncaged clit! This is how it goes and this is how it works. There is no choice anymore, period.
Thank you for all your support and continued support in keeping me a caged sissy! I truly appreciate the help from all of you!!

Love and kisses,
Samantha Slut
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Publicado en:19 Junio 2021 9:06 pm
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Do you like the idea that I am kept caged most of the time in order to alter the way I think about myself. In other words, being emasculated and turned into more of a sissy.
It's a fact that not having been able to touch myself, get erections, fuck a Woman, jerk off like Man would, has forced me to accept the change into sissy-hood more than if I am not caged. I have two choices, I either drain my caged clit thru the cage using my dildo to milk it, or I let my regular Man decide if he wants to remove my cage and play with my clit himself. After the sex session is complete and he has finished fucking me, H puts the cage back on and locks it.
So the question is, do you think I should be caged more often in order to ruin any little bit of left over masculinity in my sissy body?

Remember this about me being caged, This is to remove the remaining masculinity left in me as a cross dresser. It forces me to stop those feelings that a real Man would get if He became horny and touched His sensitive cock and gave Himself a nice sensitive erection. Something He can stroke to a nice cum shot and feel masculine about. Those feelings are off limits to a sissy slut like me. Therefore an agreement between me and my regular Man is that I am no longer allowed to touch myself. No more erections, no more jerking off, absolutely no more fucking for me. The idea is to make me think more about my true sex organ, my pussy. That is where I get my sexual satisfaction from. In wearing my cage on and off for the past half year, mostly on, I have become quite a pussy whore! I can hardly wait for Him to fuck me. I get so fucking horny I can't stand it and I beg Him to fuck me! It's the only way I can satisfy my sexual hunger, to get laid by Him. What an experience!
Yes, wear that locked cage Samantha!
Your Man should loose the keys!
No, forget the cage and let it be free.
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More intercourse videos
Publicado en:19 Junio 2021 9:00 pm
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Would you like to see more videos of my regular Man fucking me Bareback?

Whichever gets the most votes is what I will be required to do and post a video of...

WOW! The votes between two of the choices here are so close that I have to let this poll go longer. Which one will it be??? Yes bareback from behind with a creampie finish? OR Yes but with a second Man spit roasting me?
Yes bareback from behind
Yes bareback from behind with a creampie finish
Yes bareback missionary
Yes bareback missionary with a creampie finish
Yes but with a second Man spit roasting me
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Locked in chastity
Publicado en:19 Febrero 2021 12:20 pm
Última actualización en:22 Agosto 2021 7:17 pm
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I believe that as a sissy, I do not have the freedom to touch, tease or play with my useless clit. I also believe that it should be locked in chastity for long periods of time, and that the only one allowed touch and play with it is the Man who fucks me unless He really wants to make me know my place and leave me locked up for good!

I have an attraction to all sexually Dominant, assertive and aggressive Males and strap-on Woman who like to put sissies like me in our place and keep us there for good! This involves mostly keeping me locked in chastity and fucking me so they may sexually benefit from using me.

I really feel that as a sissy I never should be allowed to cum like a Man. Ever.

I really feel that as a sissy if I am to cum, it will be to drain or leak through my chastity cage. No more than that.

I believe strongly that only real Men are allowed the pleasure of a sensitive erection and the pleasure it brings while fucking a sissy pussy like mine. Only He is entitled to the pleasure and the incredible sensation of using my pussy and the feeling of cumming inside! I will never know that feeling of what it is like to fuck a pussy and cum inside, never.

Personally, I highly prefer being locked in my chastity cage while being fucked and in general, full time chastity. Just to make me know that my clit is useless. Just to know that my clit is ignored while the Man is enjoying His entitled sexual pleasure. To remove any left over masculinity from me and make me feel like the total sissy!

So with that said, how many of you would make me stay locked up in my chastity cage while you fucked me silly? How many of you would keep me locked in chastity for good? Waiting to watch me drain my useless sissy cum in my cage while you enjoy what you are entitled to, fucking me silly and then cumming in my pussy!

Before you reply, remember, my regular Man has me locked up. If you think you are going to suck my clit, it ain't going to happen. I just don't get that pleasure anymore. In fact, my pleasure comes from my true sex organ now, my pussy. All you can do is watch me leak and drain....still I am curious as to how you respond and what you like.

...enjoy the pleasure loves {=}
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Feeling submissive and feminine
Publicado en:16 Febrero 2021 8:37 am
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I've been a member here for a long time, well over years, perhaps more that twenty in various profiles I've had over the years/decades. But this profile has me so bound my friends. So bound.

I initially put up a few sexy pictures of myself as a tease - or so I though so. Immediately I started getting comments and mail from my friends and followers as to what and how they thought and felt about me and what they were seeing. I didn't see it coming.

From the continued attention, comments, mail and messaging, it slowly consumed and took over me and my fate. Although it was probably decided that I would head down this sexy path much earlier on.... I had never planned on becoming as much the sissy I am today as I ever thought the first time posting those few sexy pictures of me in lingerie, stockings and heels. But it did.

It's the continuous comments every day that I get from you. The constant messaging that I am turning you on and what you want to do with me. It wore me down over the many years and being a submissive just made it all that much easier to accept and live it the way it was meant to be for me. The only problem is that I can't do this 24/7. I made decisions earlier in life to start a family and those cannot be changed. So for me and you, it's our little big secret. Had this happened to me ten years sooner, I would be full time.

Thanks to all of you for the overwhelming support about how I have affected you and in return received supporting messages and thoughts about what you want to do to me, I have become such a submissive sissy slut that I have agreed to and committed to a monogamous relationship with a very pleasant masculine sexually assertive Man since 20 and continue to this day.

Aside from my sexual monogamous relationship with this one Man, my fantasy is to be in a room with maybe one other sexy CD and a bunch of really good looking sexually capable Males shuttling between the two of us sissy sluts! About seven to ten Males who need to use a sissy slut for their own sexual pleasure and benefit! Ok, I'm getting off track....or maybe not...after all that is what this is all about right? OMG , where am I going with this....ok it's a fantasy, for now. But maybe later down the road....well....get back on track Samantha...."I am she says in her head, this is what I want." "Not right now the other shoulder says to her ear".

Anyway, my point is that really appreciate all you say to me and all the sexy comments of support and what you really feel about me! I love those comments and all of you very much! You overwhelm me in sexy love and I love it!

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Some days I feel like lingerie and heels
Publicado en:11 Enero 2021 7:53 am
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Some days I wake and before I can think of anything else, I just feel like a submissive slut. Days like this I just want get a fresh shower, shave my legs close and smooth, moisturize my legs, then get myself dolled . No dress, I felt so compelled wear lingerie only. make a statement, a sultry sexy slutty statement. A statement that leaves no question in the mind of the person looking at me that there is no doubt about what I need. A black lace silk top with my black lace bra underneath, black lace panties, black lace garter belt, sheer black lace top thigh high stockings and my five inch black high heels with those sexy pretty little thin ankle straps tight around my little ankles!

I don't know why, but some days, most days, I just feel like being that sexy submissive slut that wants to give in to the first Man who finds me to take me and give it to me real good, hard and for a very long fuck session!

I want to be left so tired, rag doll tired....

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Comments and Notifications
Publicado en:9 Enero 2021 10:50 am
Última actualización en:5 Mayo 2021 7:16 am
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I have a lot of the friendliest and best people surrounding me and sharing communications with me that I can ask for. You are all so supportive of me and I truly appreciate and read every one of your comments and messages that you write me!! I love every one of you! xoxoxo

So I've been noticing something peculiar for the past month or two that I hadn't really paid a lot of attention , but now am. 's something called a Notifications bar which appears on the right hand margin of AmigosCalientes.com's window. 's active meaning that if someone makes a comment on my profile or accepts a friend request, ity pops up right away let me know so I can take notice of and respond if I want . 's also the function in the menu bar across the top of the page as well that I can click on to find out specifics as to which photo or video you liked or commented on, again so I can reply if I want to.

My notifications is pretty active and I try to keep up with 's leaving comments on pictures and or videos, and is accepting friend requests or accepting mine. Also liked a particular picture or video so I know what attracts most people. Well, I can over at my notifications and see that people are doing any one or more of those things on my profile pictures or videos, yet when I go , is no indication that they did. In addition that, I've noticed that my replies comments you have made me are not always posted! Nor are some of the friend requests accepted, even though Notifications says they were! What's going on here? Any of you notice this happening, or have a comment add this concern?
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Missing words from my blogs....???
Publicado en:19 Septiembre 2020 8:33 am
Última actualización en:5 Mayo 2021 7:16 am
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So I occasionally go my blogs see if anyone posted a comment or reply. AmigosCalientes.com should know better have some sort of indication message that someone posted a blog - I'm not aware of anything like that.

Anyway, I was going thru one of the lengthy blogs and I noticed something very peculiar. There were words missing from the post! Quite a few in fact. Mostly short words like of, it, me all. They are used quite often in the post because as I reviewed it (in edit mode) I was constantly retyping them into the post I made. Now I know it's possible to forget one or here or there, but this had number close a hundred additions I had make a blog I know I didn't fuck up that bad! WOW, wtf is going on here!!!!!!!!!! Really AmigosCalientes.com?!

I still have a few go over yet, but that was totally uncalled for! Someone, deviously, had to go in a do a find/replace function to remove all the instances of those missing words!

Anyone notice this in their blogs too??
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My long term monogamous lover
Publicado en:2 Deciembre 2019 12:42 pm
Última actualización en:5 Mayo 2021 7:16 am
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Early on, about 2010 I found this site and thought it would be fun to be active and post a few pictures of myself as a cross dresser. I don't do makeup or wigs - didn't think about achieving that at the time, but was excited about posting a few innocent but sex pictures of myself in sexy lingerie, heels and mini dresses or skirts. Only a few, about ten or twelve. Soon after that I joined a few chat rooms and started to get to know people. It was so exciting! I got some nice compliments on my photos and most asked me to post more, so I did. I started buying more lingerie, stockings, heels, dresses....I guess I got hooked on looking sexy and the attention. I also started realizing how feminine my body really is and that there wasn’t much masculine about it, at all. I had to admit it to myself, that was a turning point for me. Then I realized I couldn't stop.

The private messages started coming in on the site. One in particular always caught my attention, it was from adiscreetman4u, although I knew there was something about him that I liked. He used to have a profile here but took it down since meeting me. At first we exchanged sexy raw messages - he referred to me as slut and sissy, which turned me on a lot. Then they changed to arranging to meet, what was my schedule like, would I be willing to get a room and meet? Am I tested for STD's? That last one told me just how concerned he was for his safety and mine as well, another big turn on! He insisted that I go get a fresh test, so I did. His intention was to be able to fuck me bare. This Man was scoring bonus points fast with me! Although I had never met as a sissy with a Man like this before, I gave it deep thought as he continued to pursue me and turn me on more and more each time he wrote to me. He wasn't arrogant at all, but smooth and pleasing with me. He kept making me aware of my place in this world, what I was and will be to him.

Since 2011, I have been seeing this Man for the purpose of providing him with sexual pleasures. As that time passed by, I was asked to be monogamous with him, and I eventually agreed to it. Doing that made me realize how much I care for pleasing him and in return being pleased by him. He really is the greatest Man I have met! He is handsome, strong, and has a very high sex drive! He has a very sexy hot gorgeous cock! He loves to cum, don't most guys, but he cums heavy! I've learned over the years serving him to go farther than I ever have, deeper down my throat, and just what he likes when having sex together. He is very responsible and careful. I completely respect and trust him. Once we did our STD test it has been bare sex ever since. In fact it was after the first time we met and he penetrated me using a condom that I knew he was the one and that he was going to fuck me bare from that time on! I wanted him to fuck me bare! Since then he has never had to pay for or use a condom to fuck me. He will always fuck me bareback! Always. For two reasons, first I want him to get the maximum pleasure he can feel inside my pussy, and second I want to be left with a pussy full of his cum.

When it comes to sex with him, all I can say is that I love it! Some say they want really long cocks, thick cocks, shorter thick cocks....I don't know, but what I can say is that his cock does it for me! There's something about it that makes me melt, makes me so weak that I can't resist him - nor do I have any want to resist him! His shaft is thick, and he can get very hard, with big protruding veins. The head of his cock is what I love most - gurls and woman - the sexiest head I have seen, had, and feel! It's smooth, very smooth, the skin on the head of his cock is so smooth and so shapely, the curves are big, very curvy and super sexy - they seduce me on so much! And the mushroom shape, OMG, the shape! The huge protruding rim around the head of his sexy cock! He deserves the greatest sex! With a cock like his, he is entitled to a lot of really great sex! And all I want to do is give it to him!

When he fucks me, it wasn't about the length of a cock, it was about where it rubs and massages my pussy inside. The way he knows how to position my body to get me real good, and then continues to weaken me by giving it to me that way before moving on to another great position! Wow! What a Man! He hits it every single time with passion - and he keeps on giving it to me! Many times it is overwhelming and causes me to moan from what he is doing to me, but this is pleasure, his pleasure, his needs, not mine, and he knows what he does to me. And then persists at giving it to me even more! He weakens me so much that all I can do is submit to him and take it. I’m already a very submissive femme sissy, yet I let him have his way with me and hope I don't pass out! Then there's the base of the shaft of his hot cock. He is thick, but the base of his shaft is much thicker and OMG do I feel that when he is buried deep inside of me! I am built with a tight fuck hole and his cock stretches me near my limit. But when he pushes it all the way in and holds it there, I stretch to my max and all I can do is moan in pleasure!

Speaking of which, when I know we are getting together for a date, I have to prepare by stretching my tight pussy. Don’t get me wrong, I love to hug his cock shaft with my tight pussy lips, and it hugs him very tightly! But it may be too tight, lol! Is that possible? OMG. So I start with a medium size pussy plug and work my pussy for a while, pushing it in, then pulling it out. Stopping at it's largest diameter to make sure my pussy is being stretched. Then I move to my thick 8" dildo. I use that for about twenty minutes and fuck myself with it, again pulling it out where the larger head can stretch me open more than my first pussy plug can. Finally, I take out my largest pussy plug and use it for the last ten or more minutes. Sometime I sit on it and ride it. It's bigger than I can take yet I have succeeded at getting it all the way in a few times. It takes my breath away! In fact it is a lot to take when I have to remove it from my tight fuck hole! What I do know is that my pussy is ready for him when he comes up those stairs to the bedroom and I am on display for him to see his girl ready for him to take! He loves that! He deserves it. He is so good to me that I have to be good to him! I like having no choice, I like being Dominated sexually. I like him - a lot! He does it all to me! He is the most pleasurable Man I have given my body and mind to. He knows how to make me feel all of him and makes sure I do, he is very special to me and I love him very much! He is that good.

I am not 24/7/365, we both have private lives and homes. But I can say that if I were, he could have me anytime, as long as he needs. When I can't meet him for long periods of time, like more than a week, it drives me crazy in lust for him. I get feelings of emptiness and it makes me want him even more. To be in bed with him, to be taken by him, to feel his powerful strong masculine thick thrusting throbbing cock, pulse and spew his large load of cum into my body, into my soft warm pussy. A place where it will be safe, a place where it will be cared for, a place where it belongs. I keep it there for as long as I can for my body to absorb as much as it can. To change me. Make me more feminine. Make me want him more the next time.

Since 2011 and meeting him, dedicating myself to him as his sissy, I know he needs to cum and he needs to cum often. I give him that pleasure and love doing it for him. Over the years, I have taken a lot of his cum orally. I have taken a lot of his cum in my pussy. I have changed a lot since then. I am eager to bend over for him or lay on my back and spread my long sexy stocking high heeled legs for him. He knows my pussy is his to use. He knows the pleasure it can give him. He knows hew can and will cum inside of it, and he does.

You can see video of him fucking me in my video section of my profile. Have a look and please do comment, I read them all!

My need for him to fuck me has grown so much because of how good he is and how good he feels inside of me. I have become much more feminine and horny since we met. Because of that I need it more often. The two of us plan to continue our sexual relationship for as long as possible. If you are wondering, yes I have fallen in love with him. The sex has been incredible for the past eight years and there’s no end in sight to it. It just gets better and better each time we meet. He is the driving force, controlling me, guiding me, advising me, the Dominant one who shows me my place with him as his submissive. I will always give in to him, always. And each additional time he fucks me, I'll want him even more the next time. The entire time writing this I have thought about him....every morning I wake up I think about him....sex with him...pleasing his needs.....being left with a pussy full of his cum as he goes off to work.I will always be submissive to you. I want you babe…..Love, Samantha

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A Man's cock or Woman's strap-on
Publicado en:17 Octubre 2016 4:32 pm
Última actualización en:2 Noviembre 2020 6:59 am
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Hi to all my friends and those who take the time to visit my profile,

So it becomes more apparent to me that I do have a feminine side, and it is very hard for me to deny it any longer. So many of you leave such nice comments on my profile pictures and videos for me, and also my blog posts - thank you to all of you for that!!

I have always been somewhat submissive, but over the past few years that submissiveness has come out to know its true purpose. That is to show others my body and sex appeal - if there is any that interests you - and let you decide to make advances at me and see where it goes. I enjoy being chased down and love to reward the person who spends the effort and time to tire me and get what they are after. I like to be cornered made to give in, then claimed. That does not mean I just give in to any Man or Woman, I do like to know things are clean and safe.

Which brings me to this thought, I become seriously submissive at the sheer sight of a Man's handsome masculine hard cock. It can be any Mans cock or woman's strap-on for that matter, and I melt! The thought of what it does to me, my body, and mind drives me deep in to a submissive trance that I cannot get out of once enticed. For me it is a trap, for you it means sexual pleasure. For me there is no choice as I find that I simply surrender to it.

What are your thoughts? What do you find about me that makes you want to "trap" me? Is there anything interesting about me that enticed you to chase me down...? How does this make you feel...any other thoughts?

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The way it is and has to be
Publicado en:27 Agosto 2016 10:42 am
Última actualización en:10 Abril 2021 2:17 pm
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So this is how it goes and becomes my life as a feminine sissy, slut and whore Him and His needs use and breed . I am called His office as regularly as we can arrange serve Him. He needs cum, as all real Men need cum and cum very often. Because i have been serving Him for 4 so far i understand my place with Him and submit it as the expected behavior. He comes onto me and makes continuous sexual advances at me which arouse my feminine and slutty desire to serve a real Man's sexual needs - His sexual needs.

Since i live with a genetic female partner, (we don't engage in sexual activity anymore) it is hard for me to maintain my feminine look and sex appeal. However when i am asked to show at the office, i am expected be prepared. It is a difficult balance as you will read about here. This includes but is not limited always having my bags of sexy lingerie and a few pair of high heels with at times, and have my legs shaved close and smooth at times so that they look desirable and sexy in stockings to Him. There are many times when this is not possible or i forget. Because of this He will discipline me before and during using me for His sexual pleasures.

Here is a story of the most recent visitation to His office. He called on me with an abrupt and direct , i was at work that day and received His in the late morning, "be here 5:20". i knew where i was going be after work, no choice. All i could do is think about providing Him with the sexual pleasure He deserves as a Man. It was ten five and time for me drive His office about a half hour away from where i wor Once i got the parking lot of His office i Him let Him know i am here for Him, may i come in. i walked the door which was unlocked for me, then locked it behind . Once inside, the lights are dimmed and He is sitting in a high back chair nude and teasing His cock, He directs me strip out of my street clothes in front of Him about ten feet away - a act of humiliation and realization of what i am Him. Then i am directed get changed into my sexy lingerie, high heels and sexy dress...only this time i forgot to pack my bags of lingerie and high heels in the car. Not only that but i did not have a fresh smooth shave of my legs for at least the past few days. This kind of behavior results in discipline and i know it, it's just that at times He catches me unprepared. my bad, here it comes. Him, get on "your hands and knees and crawl to your belt on the table across the office". me, "yes Master"...crawling for my belt across the floor on my hands and knees, i remove it from my jeans. folding it in half and holding it with a bite in my mouth as i crawl on the carpeted floor back to Him. "Get down and bend over the desk", he takes the belt from my mouth and begins to lash my ass, alternating one plump firm cheek at a time... beating me about every few seconds in a whipping motion and interrogating with questions like, "is this anyway for a woman treat her Man? Why are your legs not shaven smooth, do i know any woman who would walk around in stockings and high heels with unshaved legs?", He makes me answer as He beats my ass with the belt, my body spasms and my ass shakes as the belt contacts my skin..."no Master this is no way for a woman treat her Man", He beats me with more lashes, "What are you going do about it?" , "keep my legs shaved smooth and close, so that they are very sexy in sheer stockings and i appear desirable to you Master". He administers a many more lashings to be sure i understand His demand at . my voice trembles and my ass stings from the beatings and then i feel His fingertips run ever so slightly across my stinging skin...He knows i have had enough. Him, "you will remember this". The sensation of His fingertips as they run across the stinging skin makes me squirm as i admit His demand. "And if not it will happen again".

Him, "get down your knees", "yes Master". "Look at slut". He takes one hand behind my head and the other under my chin and holds my head very firmly. He brings His masculine cock closer my mouth and shoves it inside and begins face fuck , slowly at first then more violently after it starts get really wet from my saliva. He tells that i don't deserve be treated like a fine woman, that i don't deserve swallow His cum, that this is the way it will be if i can't get it right. Completely naked my knees He directs get on my back on the desk and i do as i am told. He takes my feminine body and pulls it so that my head is off the edge of the des One of His hands caresses the back of my head, the other on my chest holding both of my hands there. i can see His cock just before my face but it is so close that it appears out of focus, then all of a sudden the head forces my lips open and I am forced take Him in my mouth. He slides his cock the way down my throat and begins face fuck !! i mean He is all the way down my throat as i feel His balls contact my chin and His body smother my face. he is not going easy at it, but instead rough. Not rough enough cause pain, only rough enough make me know who is in charge and see where my limits are. i am choking and gagging on Him but He persists and continues throat fuck me anyway. He is punishing my face!! There are all kinds of nasty comments - He pulls out for a quick second and He makes me thank Him and ask for more, shoves His cock the way in and then He gives demands how i need improve myself for Him as He occupies my throat and i cannot talk bac Every once in a while He pulls out stroke His soaking wet cock and let have a quick breath of air, then before i can get the first word out of my mouth He is back in all the way again...my eyes are tearing and my face soak and wet from my own saliva. He is getting off punishing with His relentless Domination of !! This goes on for what seems like forever but is more like ten or so minutes. Buried deep down my throat. i am wondering if He is about blow His load. He is and always blows large loads of cum, always. i have never taken one of His loads while He is so far down my throat and worry that i could choke on it not being able come for air as i wait for Him finish cumming...i worry a lot. Then He slowly pulls out. Soaking wet cock, dripping with my saliva as He pulls a string of it when He moves away from my face. His cock is purple-red in color and has obviously swollen what seems like twice the thickness as before He started throat fuck . The head is most noticeably swollen and so smooth and thick, so attractive as i look and stare at it from an upside down viewpoint. i am so tired from His relentless fucking that i cannot talk, my throat is sore now from His thickness, i can't talk even though i try .

He directs my knees. As i get up from the desk i am delirious and so light headed that i nearly loose my balance and fall. i have a strong taste of His flavor in my mouth...He began drain some of His precum and left me with it. Now my knees He approaches me. He is a very handsome Man as He stands a few feet in front of me. "sit down on the floor" He says , "and look at as i have a few things say you". i am tired and worn out, my face is red and i am exhausted from His cock occupying my throat, my eyes are tearing and my face is covered in my saliva. His body a very masculine wide shouldered look with a very handsome face. i can't stop looking at Him and become internally aroused at the sight of Him standing over me. He is so Dominant of me and i so weak and feminine, submissive. i wonder what He is going to do to me as His cock remains very swollen and thick, and a redish-purple color. It seems to be throbbing as He stands there. He does not speak but approaches me, then begins to stroke His coc Him , "you don't deserve swallow My cum, but instead until you get this right, you are going be treated this way and you will wear it instead. Close your mouth". looking up Him from the floor i can hear Him pant and breath heavy as He strokes His cock, then all of a sudden i feel the warm splattering of His cum as it streams and spats all over my face and hair, some on my chest and some drains onto my thighs. With most of His cum painted all over my face, He tells me to get changed and i do. But i have to get dressed in front of Him as He watches. i am not allowed to remove His cum from the large facial He painted my face. Wearing His cum and dressed, He takes me by one hand and walks me to the exit door of His office, then tells me to get on my knees again...look up to Him and keep your eyes open to me... "if you expect be treated like a woman and treated nicely, you will have your bags of lingerie, high heels, a dress or , and legs shaved close and smooth or this will continue". i know He is serious about it. And i know that it will only be several days before He calls on with another , be here 5:20. He has one hand on the exit door and opens it, "get out and leave now". i get up and walk out getting into my car with His cum all over my face and drive off.

Degraded, humiliated, punished and beaten with a face covered in His cum. This is the way it is, a reminder of what He expects from and for learn what i need be for Him. It will continue whenever i falter and make a mistake whether it is intentional or i really forgot or could not be what He wants from . i accept His Dominating status with as i have accepted my submission only Him. i need this, i need Him.

samantha slut
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Our dare and trust factor...
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I see only a few Men regularly. They all know of my desire to be force femmed thru e-mails and instant messaging with each other and from my profile. They also know of my total submission and obedience to them. This can be anything as long as it is safe from wearing makeup to dressing for several Men, to being the party slut that serves Men drinks and food while obediently going upstairs when picked to do so, to being the total obedient servant.

On one occasion, one of those Men took me up on it and really did it good to me - at least i think so. He is an older gentleman that knows what He is doing and has a wonderful imagination, very open minded and safe, in great shape and a lot of stamina. We have known each other for a very long time and have a lot of trust.

We agreed to meet at our regular motel and play for a few hours. He's very erotic and Dominant which is what i like in a Man especially with Him. I was wearing a pair of sexy sheer thigh high seemed stockings, black lace panties, magenta and black corset pulled very tight with frilly lace around the top, a sexy little short mini skirt, and my 5” ankle strap high heels. A sexy whore for sure!

While down on my knees sucking His cock, He started to get into some verbal humiliation and talk dirty to me which is a huge turn on to me and He knows it. i completely accept Him making me realize my place with Him. During our foreplay He starts making dares at me, easy at first but more and more extreme… One of those dares insisted that He was going to take my street clothes from the room and lock them up in His car outside the motel while He used me to serve His sexual desire and needs inside. Now mind you He parked His car across the lot, way across the lot. I knew that because He told me when He showed up that He did not want anyone knowing He was in there with me. At first i thought it was only part of the verbal humiliation and Domination from Him onto me...but this time i was wrong. He was so turned on by the idea that He made it a serious threat and reality. He carried it out.

The dare went like this, I was to remain on my knees and wait there until He told me otherwise. He took His cock from my mouth and pulled up His trousers. I watched as He got his keys and took all of my street clothes (i do not go out dressed), put them in the trunk of His car and came back to the room where i obediently waited on my knees for Him to return. He pulled His cock from His trousers and shoved in back into my waiting mouth where i continued to suck cock where i left off. While gagged by His cock, He started up with verbal threats and forced femminization tactics that He knows i am turned on by...He said to me that if i did not perform to His liking, He would drive off with my street clothes and leave me there in nothing except my sexy lingerie, thigh high stockings, cum-fuck-me high heels, and corset! Needless to say i did what ever i could to satisfy Him. All this time all I could think about was the thought of me having to walk to my car outdoors (in the daylight), driving home dressed to the max like a slut, then walk into my house in my own neighborhood hoping none of the neighbors would catch me!!! Now mind you i could have pulled my mini down to cover up some but it was one of those ultra tight short minis...and it was see thru material especially out in that bright sun light outside! Any Man would have been able to see everything i had to hide including my lingerie and clitty buldge, oh my...! He gave me one out, that I was allowed to get His keys from the table, walk out to His car and get my clothes at any time. Well. What was I going to do about that? Not much really.

i did everything i could to orally satisfy this Man although He would not let me make Him cum yet. He still threatened me with leaving with my clothes...i was shaking and so scared that i did not know what i could do to convince Him to bring my clothes back inside for me. Next, He makes me lay down on my back and stroke my clit, He demanded that i make myself cum for Him in a act of humiliation. While He sat in a chair before me next to the bed i would begin to touch myself and stroke harder and harder. I begged Him to let me use something to cum on, anything but not my corset! Eventually i would squirt my gurl cum all up in the air and onto my beautiful expensive corset!!! He made me wear my gurl cum all over my beautiful sexy corset for the rest of the time we spent together. i knew that unless i cleaned it off that it would stain and soil the material, but He would not let me clean it…i HAD to wear it! The staining would be a reminder.

He climbed on top of me and took me...finally I thought I was in the clear and would get my clothes back! Not that I don’t like to dress sexy, I do, but I would need my clothes to get out of the room and home safely. Not only was it great to feel Him inside of me but He came really hard and deep while inside...all the while that He was pounding me He continued with verbal threats that He would still not give me my street clothes, He would say in my ear, “you know I’m not going out to get your clothes”… “but you do have the choice to walk out to get them.” He was giving me a choice, something that I am not accustomed to. While He was giving it to me good and deep, i begged with Him and pleaded with Him to no avail… “please get my clothes for me, please” He would listen intently but it was all a smoking mirror, He knew what He had planned all the time and was leading me on. He was Dominating me, humiliating me, forcing feminization onto me, and daring me…He was also deep inside of me making love to me the way He likes to. What choice did i have, i could not stop Him, His continued pounding and fucking of my tight little pussy was weakening me in a drastic way that i could not control, and He knew that too. He knew that I weaken as i am being Dominated and taken by a determined Man, He knew it and played me for it until He got me to that point where i was reduced to a fuck doll. A state where i was so weak that He could have done anything and i would submit to Him. But He persisted and kept up with the threats, i could not stop Him, i was deep in sexual lust, the though of having to walk outside in public dressed like a sexy whore was barely a thought anymore...He increased the level of passion He used to fuck me, i was weakening very fast and very deeply by now...almost delirious....i was where i want to be for Him and i saw it in His eyes and felt it in His sexual passion...my mind and body were in a totally different place now...the thought of where my clothes were and what i would have to do to get them quickly vanished from my mind. The only thought i could hold on to was my nylon high heeled legs spread apart wrapped around His back, His hard masculine cock, well lubricated by now sliding effortlessly in and out of my warm soft pussy.....it was what He was doing to me that became apparent to me. my eyes began to tear in lust, i wasn't crying but maybe a form of the realization of my complete submission and state of mind that took me over as He continued to fuck me, i looked up to Him and gave Him an uncontrollable stare, i knew He was in control of me and He knew it and made sure i felt it that way...with all the water in my eyes i could barely see His eyes as He continued to give it to me pinned to the bed under His weight. i had no choice at that point but to take it. my clothes became a non existent thought.

Exhausted, yet still strong and Dominating, He would fill me with His cum. As He unloaded i could feel each ejaculation as it sprayed the walls of my soft pussy deep inside. He unmounted from on top of me, stood up before me while i lay there on my back on the bed, my nylon stocking legs still spread open wide, with some of His cum draining and wetting my pussy lips, my gurl cum all over my expensive corset, and asked me if i was going to go out to get my clothes. Even though He had pulled out of me, i could still feel His cock as though it were still pentrating my well used pussy. But all of a sudden my world turned upside down, reality set in and time stopped instantly for me. i broke into a different kind of sweat, and my heart doubled timed or something strange. i said to Him that i really don't want to go outside like this. Then He said, well that's too bad...He waited a few minutes and asked again – He dangeled the car keys in front of my face and said, “are you sure you don’t want to go get your clothes?” i thought maybe i could use one of the bathroom towels and cover up some but they were way too small for that, you know the cheep motel towels that are more like a face towel than a bath towel. i said the same thing but in a really sincere and pleading way that He bring them back to me. i began to beg Him, i think that is what He wanted to hear, He wanted to hear me submit to Him and beg. He was turned on by it. He got His keys in hand, and began towards the door…i followed on my knees begging Him but He did not stop. He went outside, closed the door behind Him and walked to His car across the parking lot in front of the motel office. While i was inside looking through the blinds i watched as He got into His car and started the motor. He looked at the room window where i was, hesitated, then drove off! i sat there in a panic and almost cried. Well actually my eyes did tear up a lot and i thought that this was it. i was about to be exposed and completely humiliated in a cum coated corset, stockings, sexy lingerie and heels! i was in denial and could not think of what to do…ten looonnngg agonizing minutes must have gone by - which seemed like forever - then i heard a car pull up outside of my room. Who was it and what was i going to do if they were coming to my room, could it be cleaning service…damn now what!? i did not want to look as i was visibly upset. Then there was a knock at my door! OMFG! i did not know what to do. i ran to the bathroom where i heard the door get unlocked and then opened!!! WTF!!! i was scared shitless!!! He spoke and said, “your clothes are on the bed.” i did not realize that when He left me He also took the room key. Then without saying another word, He left.

Think what you will about this but it was all an act of trust, obedience, and Domination that He knows i adore Him for. i changed my clothes, knowing that He took care of His need and mine, and left the room to care for His cum in my pussy for the rest of the day.
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