Virgins Who Fuck!

As any girl knows, she loses her V-card only if she lets a cock up into her pussy, right? I'm a healthy, normal girl of 18 whose clit itches 24/7; I need 2 get laid NOW, but am adament about keeping my V-card 'til my wedding night. SOLUTION -- butt-crack fucking... titie-fucking... and of course the old stand-by: mouth-fucking!

Of course there are dangers lurking around ev'ry cum-filled cock... will the lady lose control and go hog-wild? There's only one way 2 find out: gather her closest virgin girlfriends to stand guard... with cold ice-water standing by at the ready to douse any wayward lust.

On the other hand a girl's entitled to change her mind... on a whim, as it were. Obvsiously I'm still in the 'idea' stage'; any thoughts, girls?

ins8ble18klit 26M
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