hi...i m diva Not Bling Ownerlike to tell u more about me...i was a simple indian girl from rural eastern part india....after completing my school in my village i got married to a man at the age of 20 and setteled in big city in eastern india from his job....after about a yr its was in december 2008 my husband had car accident,,,he survived carcrash but got paralised and become bedridden.....all of a sudden my life changed....as ordinary house wife i tried to keep our life normal by spending the savings that we have,,,,slowly i started borrowing money from banks...this continued for 3 yrs....but in early jan 2012 i understood that as my husband will remain bedridden i have to earn money as i already borrowed good amount of money....i began seaching for job...after searching for 6 month i got a job in a private hotel in customer care department....i didnt have any qualification for hotel management so i was asked to join temporarily in sept 2012 and my task was to look after foregn guests...things went all right for next 3 months....but problem startedin december when a group of six american menNot Bling Owner stayed in my hotel...they wanted to me spend 2 days with them and they told me all of them like to love me.....i was nervous and refused to comply with thier demands...next day they complained about me in my management......my hotel management told me if i want to save my job and make it permanent i have to satisfy my guests,,i was v nervous but i could do little...so want to their room and gave them consent...they wanted me to surrenderNot Bling Owner complety to them and told me to come next day as they will book a lovely resort for me and take me their next afternoon....i found no second way out and agreed to surrender to them....next day we went to the resort.....there were 6 big white menNot Bling Owner in thier early 40s...u can understand what happened to me in next 2 days....it was ruthlessNot Bling Owner gangbang Not Bling Ownerfor meNot Bling Owner...they clicked my pic...n gave that to my hotel boss so that i can satisfy more american men in future...my boss seemed v happy ...made my job permamnent as customer satisfaction agentNot Bling Owner...now i have to look after or foreign guests....have to satisfy them in every possible way they likeNot Bling Owner....

Tema(s): Sexo de grupo/Orgías
Restricciones: hombre, mujer, grupo, pareja (2 mujeres) o ts/tv/tg entre 18 and 80 seeking hombre, mujer, pareja (hombre/mujer), grupo, pareja (2 mujeres), pareja (2 hombres) o ts/tv/tg viviendo dentro de 999999 de Agartala, Tripura, India
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