josmith5 58 H
1466  Artículos
dating point do you add up?   21/11/2009

Add It Up: Relationship Guide For all you guys out there who just can't figure it out, here it is: In the world of romance, one single rule applies: Make the woman happy. Do something she likes and you get points. Do something she dislikes and points are subtracted. You don't get any points for doing something she expects...Sorry, that's the way the game is played.

Here is a guide to the ...

1 Comentarios, 47 Vistas, 3 Votos ,2.94 Puntuación
bbc4now 37 H
3  Artículos
Ladies,which would you choose   23/10/2009

If you could only pic one of the following in a lover, what would be most inportant;

A. Well endowed

B. Talented toungue

C. Great Stamina

21 Comentarios, 623 Vistas, 30 Votos ,3.93 Puntuación
rm_jaynstayluv 38 P
1  Artículo
wat do u prefer   16/10/2009

1. one on one romantic sex 2. sensational couples 3. orgy orgasms 4. always down for whatever

14 Comentarios, 181 Vistas, 22 Votos ,3.01 Puntuación
3way4fun87 31 P
10  Artículos
me   13/9/2009

what am i:

1-SUPER sexy

2-to hot to touch


4-no thanks


5-hell no

16 Comentarios, 300 Vistas, 50 Votos ,5.10 Puntuación
Hoth2oRob 68 H
9  Artículos
Naughty Quiz   5/9/2009

the ULTIMATE NAUGHTY QUIZ! Fill it out and send it to me in a message, and repost to see what people put for u!

1.Your Name: 2.Age: 3.Dick/Boob Size: 4.Favorite position (s) ? 5.Do u think I'm hot? 6.Do u like cuddling afterward? 7.Condom or skin? 8.Do u give Oral pleasures? 9.Do u like to receive Oral Pleasures? 10.Have sex on the first date? 11.How many times would u like to cum? ...

0 Comentarios, 103 Vistas, 8 Votos
Hoth2oRob 68 H
9  Artículos
36 Questions for you...   5/9/2009

1.)Can you cook?

2.)What was your dream growing up?

3.)What talent do you wish you had?

4.)If I bought you a drink what would it be?

5.)Favorite vegetable?

6.)What was the last book you read?

7.)What zodiac sign are you ?

8.)Any Tattoos and/or Piercings?

9.)Worst Habit?

10.)If you saw me walking down the street would ...

1 Comentarios, 68 Vistas, 9 Votos ,1.72 Puntuación
_JKH_ 66 H
858  Artículos
House party !   4/9/2009

You go to a house party.

Who are you hanging out with?

* You stick with your friends.

* Mingle of course!

* Leave because someone is there you don't like.

* Make a move on the hottest person there.

* Other!

4 Comentarios, 99 Vistas, 16 Votos ,0.92 Puntuación
_JKH_ 66 H
858  Artículos
Destroying a mans confidence !   3/8/2009

Four words words, nine letters, 1 question.

Guaranteed to destroy a mans confidence;

"Is it in yet?"

12 Comentarios, 148 Vistas, 25 Votos ,1.91 Puntuación
YummyX2 38 P
1  Artículo
Strip Clubs Okay for 1st date?   8/6/2009

Are Strip Clubs an okay place for a first date?

Yes No Maybe

Feel free to elaborate on your opinion

15 Comentarios, 209 Vistas, 24 Votos ,4.04 Puntuación
_JKH_ 66 H
858  Artículos
What do you call him?   2/6/2009

Question: What do you call an intelligent, good looking, sensitive man?

Answer: A rumor!

6 Comentarios, 77 Vistas, 13 Votos ,1.30 Puntuación
lowdwndrtydog 46 H
8  Artículos
Women, which is more appealing??   22/3/2009

We've all heard that size doesn't matter. Maybe we can get to the truth.

Does size really matter?

Can a smaller man still please you?

Is a big cock all it takes?

Would you rather have a smaller guy that used it very well and had lots of stamina?


Would you prefer a bigger guy that lacked in experience and didn't last that long?

10 Comentarios, 273 Vistas, 13 Votos ,4.99 Puntuación
See Through or Covered Up?   1/3/2009

Ladies, I am a complete sucker (no pun intended) for a bit of see through nipple eye candy...nothing like a white silk blouse and no bra to get juices flowing. However, is it sexier to wear the same blouse but with a sheer or lace bra so you can still see everything but with a litle 'pretend' modesty?

What do you think?

2 Comentarios, 49 Vistas, 8 Votos ,3.25 Puntuación
rm_den123me 42 H
11  Artículos
What is your preferance?   21/2/2009

very very good

1 Comentarios, 67 Vistas, 13 Votos ,0.12 Puntuación
rm_den123me 42 H
11  Artículos
How many dates until you introduce sex   21/2/2009


3 Comentarios, 78 Vistas, 5 Votos ,2.49 Puntuación
rm_kilo360z 29 H
12  Artículos
kilo's quiz   9/2/2009

For the ladies. 1. Should you fuck on the first date?

2. Should you suck dick on the first date?

3. Do you keep it real on the first date?

4. Do you spit boss game on your first date?

5. If you want to make a good first expression, if you really want to fuck him, will you?

3 Comentarios, 169 Vistas, 18 Votos ,1.76 Puntuación
KAINO62 51 H
1  Artículo
WHAT DO "NSA" MEAN?   30/11/2008

Because! i though it means "NO STRINGS ATTACHED" But! afterwords why do the Lady's want to call back the nest day to find out more about you. Should i give them more info on me?

6 Comentarios, 129 Vistas, 7 Votos ,3.55 Puntuación
_JKH_ 66 H
858  Artículos
Dating quiz no. 113   26/11/2008

What does it take for a man my age to get a date with a gal anymore other than money?

In my 20's and 30's it was great.

In my 40's it was good

In my 50's a big 0-thats zero!

How long will this bullshit go on?

Does anybody know?

13 Comentarios, 210 Vistas, 46 Votos ,0.65 Puntuación
3  Artículos
why is everyone so fake   26/10/2008

Why does it seem like everyone says they wanna do this and that but when it comes down to it nothing every happens? Is it just me or does everyone else think this too....

13 Comentarios, 261 Vistas, 38 Votos ,4.90 Puntuación
hotbngcock 44 H
6  Artículos
Quiz   12/10/2008

Ok. Lets try it out.

1) How many of you have gone through hundred percent successful in all your datings? 2) Does everyone go to bed in their first date with their partner? 3) Has anyone tried sexual fantasy with a person on their blind dating? 4) Do you carry condom/contraceptive on your first dating?

3 Comentarios, 89 Vistas, 7 Votos ,3.80 Puntuación
Javac4 37 H
4  Artículos
whats your fav?   3/10/2008

Just wondering, to all the boys and girls out there, whats your favourite position on a first date??

8 Comentarios, 219 Vistas, 16 Votos ,5.19 Puntuación
josmith5 58 H
1466  Artículos
take this fun poll./   11/8/2008

Have you done it on a boat? Have you done it with a goat?

Have you done it in a bed? Have you done it with the dead?

Have you done it in the ass? Have you done it, high on grass?

Have you done it in the car? Have you simply gone too far?


4 Comentarios, 110 Vistas, 19 Votos ,2.86 Puntuación
Sexxxzcpl 50 P
0  Artículos

One night in June, I traded emails on this site with a great gal. She is a beautiful, litte blonde with a great body. We immediately clicked online and then she see me this email...

yea i invisioned like you have an interesting life...hey...ya know what? im going to be bold and cut to the chase..i dont have my tonight and i want to go you want to ...

2 Comentarios, 147 Vistas, 8 Votos ,3.48 Puntuación
furansujin888 45 H
1  Artículo
why it is always the man who does the first step?   6/7/2008

any clues?

4 Comentarios, 85 Vistas, 12 Votos ,2.09 Puntuación
rm_its4sunny 37 H
9  Artículos
Why do men prefer FFM to MMF??   27/5/2008

Why do men prefer FFM to MMF??

Is it penis envy?

Or scared of the other guys penis slipping??

Most of the men I have spoken to would love FFM but absolutely won't even consider MMF...even if it is a girl's fantasy..

5 Comentarios, 125 Vistas, 8 Votos ,1.62 Puntuación
rm_its4sunny 37 H
9  Artículos
Clean & Disease Free.. Explain to me.....   27/5/2008

Hi, now that our gold membership is active and I have been looking at other profiles I have come across an interesting dilemma. Most couples put on their profile that they are clean and disease free.. well I'm skeptical about that in the first place but when they proceed to show pictures of one or both of them sucking unprotected dick I'm thinking they are full of it! Don't try and tell me how ...

1 Comentarios, 65 Vistas, 3 Votos ,0.98 Puntuación
rm_its4sunny 37 H
9  Artículos
The Hidden Man Has For Women   27/5/2008

1. First, Id like to ask men, "Why is it almost everytime two or more men get together, the subject of conversation almost ALWAYS turns to toilet humor? That subject is womens general opinion of a man, & I'm one of those guys that agrees with them!

Ephesians 5: 3-4 says: ..Let all uncleanliness NOT be named amoung you..neither filthyness, foolish talking, nor coarse ...

1 Comentarios, 23 Vistas, 3 Votos ,0.98 Puntuación
rm_its4sunny 37 H
9  Artículos
love or lust?   27/5/2008

i was looking for an accomodation and he offered his place. he rang me one time and we both liked each other's voice. loved his british twang and he got fascinated by my sweet angelic voice. got interested in me and invited me for a night out. after several invitations i accepted. btw, he knows i have a serious commitment with an american guy, whom i have been seeing for almost seven years. on ...

0 Comentarios, 21 Vistas, 2 Votos
walkerman76 41 H
1  Artículo
Internet Date   18/5/2008

Have you ever date with someone that you met on internet and haven't see him/her before your first date?

7 Comentarios, 167 Vistas, 16 Votos ,2.83 Puntuación
strawberry22685 29 M
3  Artículos
Anal!   8/5/2008

I want to see how many people out there are going to be truly honest with others and themselves. How many of you like tossing salad (thats eating ass), getting your ass licked, and/or just having hard-core anal sex?

14 Comentarios, 683 Vistas, 30 Votos ,4.91 Puntuación
niceguywesternok 26 H
11  Artículos
take this quiz   17/2/2008

here it is

1 Comentarios, 215 Vistas, 22 Votos
lis728117 34 M
2  Artículos
Shaved vs Natural   5/1/2008

It seems everyone has an opinion regarding this issue, and most of know that there are pros and cons on both sides of the divide. I am interested to know where members.

Are you shaved, natural or somewhere in the middle (gently trimmed): ________

If you are naturally hairy and proud to be; have you ever shaved or been asked to shave? ____________

If you are ...

38 Comentarios, 1241 Vistas, 141 Votos ,6.13 Puntuación
_JKH_ 66 H
858  Artículos
We   11/11/2007

I've learned that we are responsible for what we do, unless we are celebrities....

16 Comentarios, 145 Vistas, 20 Votos ,4.53 Puntuación
altec694u 66 H
1  Artículo
Ok Tell Truth Women   25/9/2007

Ok tell the truth Are looks that important to you? If not what is?

5 Comentarios, 339 Vistas, 14 Votos ,2.82 Puntuación
sluggo76 43 P
4  Artículos
favorite sex positions   13/9/2007

what is your favorite sex position???

Doggy missionary girl on top girl laying on her stomache side by side or anything else you can think of

let me know and give me some new ideas if you have any

thanks guys

12 Comentarios, 491 Vistas, 44 Votos ,4.50 Puntuación
oh shit!   3/6/2007

first date! what is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you on a first date?

i tripped and fell and broke my ankle!

7 Comentarios, 469 Vistas, 18 Votos ,6.81 Puntuación
long_haired_bi_M 41 H
8  Artículos
Tell me something sexual about you   29/5/2007

Hello there

What can I say about me sexually?

Well I can tell you i want some! Its been far too long now and I used to used to it on tap lol.

But beyond that I think its a story of been there done that. There is very little I have not yet tried or experimented with. So you may ask what I have done up to now.

Well it all started years ago as a one on one ...

0 Comentarios, 86 Vistas, 1 Votos
rm_anglsIz12 61 M
1  Artículo
Yours or mine!   11/5/2007

How good could you make a lady feel on a date and after that date as it is whinding down to yours or mine..... would you take you date home with you are send her home alone..... What would you do out on a date?

2 Comentarios, 152 Vistas, 7 Votos ,3.30 Puntuación
Ravnshade 44 H
1  Artículo
where to start   30/4/2007

Its been 3 weeks one face to face(in a group setting) you think you have crush but have some baggage what do you do?

1 Comentarios, 47 Vistas, 1 Votos ,2.40 Puntuación
13  Artículos
Eye 2 Eye Contact   23/4/2007

When you finally meet the person that you've been online with and you finally decide when and where to meet. When you looked Eye 2 Eye did you know then?

3 Comentarios, 224 Vistas, 12 Votos ,2.45 Puntuación
lovetolick661 89 H
5  Artículos
Oral sex plus   21/4/2007

Just courious. Are there any women out in the world of sex and adventure who just might be interested in helping out this senior person by joining him in bed or on the bed by sitting on his face and getting a pleasent oral sex adventure? Waiting with baited breath for some positive answers. Jerry

1 Comentarios, 193 Vistas, 5 Votos ,1.51 Puntuación
hatefulscribe 37 H
4  Artículos
Big Question   25/3/2007

Love at first sight.. I never believed in it till a couple days ago..Has it ever happened to you?

3 Comentarios, 217 Vistas, 5 Votos ,3.14 Puntuación
How To Meet People On-Line   25/1/2007

I am seeking advice on how to meet someone on-line- Who has some good suggestions

2 Comentarios, 166 Vistas, 3 Votos ,1.96 Puntuación
scrtlvn 50 M
10  Artículos
Condom use for oral sex   31/10/2006

How many men would object to wearing a condom while a woman performed oral sex on them? Thinking about the possibilities that having sex with a stranger can be risky, does a condom decrease the "feeling" to a guy? What would be some other ways to perform oral sex on a guy and still stay protected?

4 Comentarios, 283 Vistas, 21 Votos ,3.62 Puntuación
SexyLadyNeedsU 45 M
2  Artículos
Color of My Eyes are.....   14/10/2006

When it is time to say good nite or farewell, I ask you:
What color are my eyes?
You reply: Big Brown Eyes I might kiss you god nite, but if you say....
Big Brown Nipples with vision of 40DD, you will FEEL somthing up against your body!

3 Comentarios, 181 Vistas, 12 Votos ,3.68 Puntuación
3l3tist 39 H
1  Artículo
PORN PICS   20/6/2006

Why is it, that when I browse the women's pictures, more than half of those who actually have pictures displayed, are those they've cut and pasted from various porn sites???
How do I know- because I'm a guy, and yes- I know my porn stars. So ladies, if you don't have the courage or capabilites to display you OWN picture, why lie about it and pretend you're some fake porn ...

1 Comentarios, 411 Vistas, 25 Votos ,5.12 Puntuación
fdsf sd fsd   13/6/2006

fsd fsd fsvby members. Any plagiarized material will be removed

0 Comentarios, 91 Vistas, 4 Votos ,1.69 Puntuación
do or dont   4/6/2006

do men have to make the plans for the date? do men have to pay for the date? do men have to go on a date?

0 Comentarios, 68 Vistas, 7 Votos ,3.55 Puntuación
sexyinlove1985 38 P
1  Artículo
On a First Couple's Date...   28/5/2006

What is your idea of a perfect first meeting with you, your significant other, and another couple?
How far do you go the first time you meet with another couple?
What are some ideas for an inexperienced couple for their first time?
Any things that an inexperienced couple should avoid on the first time?
Thank you for answering these questions for me!

0 Comentarios, 77 Vistas, 12 Votos ,3.15 Puntuación
Marry, Screw, or Bitchslap   21/5/2006

Here's an question, I want to offer you three celebrities....You must chose to marry one, Screw one, and bitchslap the remaining person. (I encourage people to submit their own candidates)
For the Men: Denise Richards, Tyra Banks, and Angelina Jolie
For the Women: Christian Bale, Colin Farrel, LL Cool J

3 Comentarios, 378 Vistas, 20 Votos ,3.76 Puntuación
rm_hornboy20005 35 H
0  Artículos
My first Threesome   10/5/2006

Well, it starts one lonely Friday Night. As an 18 yr. old, I was just trying to make a little extra cash as a clown. Well, I was doing a party on that Friday night. As my act finished about 7 o'clock, I walked up to the lady who hired me. She was an attractive 30 yr. old red head. She was about 5'6" with huge breasts and nice legs under a short skirt. I told her that my act was ...

1 Comentarios, 357 Vistas, 31 Votos ,5.16 Puntuación
stayhumble 41 H
4  Artículos
saying no   28/3/2006

is a guy whimping out if he says no to a girl?

1 Comentarios, 110 Vistas, 8 Votos ,2.55 Puntuación
Jewelman2005 55 H
1  Artículo
a short quiz to get to know everyone.   14/3/2006

1)How often do you "hook-up" with someone you met online in the average week?

2)How many different partners did you have last year?

3)Do you practice safe sex?

4)How often do you get tested for STD's?

5)Are you clean?

0 Comentarios, 118 Vistas, 10 Votos ,1.59 Puntuación
WebcamVoyeur69 38 H
10  Artículos
Favorite Date?   8/3/2006

What are your favorite dates out there ladies?
Dinner and Movie
Dinner and Party
Dinner and Club

0 Comentarios, 82 Vistas, 9 Votos ,2.78 Puntuación
rm_lockestryfe 36 H
1  Artículo
Women only but, what does it take to get a date?   8/2/2006

What does a guy have to do for you to go out on a date? Just ask? Actually talk to you and try to get to know you? I'm just curious to see if my approach is more rejected, or accepted...

2 Comentarios, 406 Vistas, 4 Votos ,1.30 Puntuación
fargocople 47 P
14  Artículos
For the Girls   26/1/2006

Quiz for the girls! 1.1) How old are you? 18-20 21-23 24-26 27-29 over 30 1.2) What is your sexual orientation? Straight Bisexual Bi-Curious ??? Lesbian 1.3) Have you ever given somone oral sex? Sure I have ALL THE TIME!!! Nope, never 1.4) Have you ever received ...

0 Comentarios, 319 Vistas, 14 Votos ,2.82 Puntuación
rm_Shep253 34 H
20  Artículos
hot-quiz   5/1/2006


1 Comentarios, 184 Vistas, 15 Votos ,4.66 Puntuación
goodstuff1954 65 P
6  Artículos
this was a dateing Quiz   4/1/2006

i like these questions they are no wrong answers. just a lot of poeple with a lot of ideals. but each agree on one thing in the end you end up haveing sex or not depends on you. now how can you are anyone failue a test like that?

0 Comentarios, 204 Vistas, 14 Votos ,2.34 Puntuación
rm_Mz_thick2 41 M
33  Artículos
Should you   17/12/2005

What are some precautions that one should take when meeting someone from for the first time?

1 Comentarios, 265 Vistas, 14 Votos ,2.66 Puntuación
whataturnon 39 P
2  Artículos
Good looks vs. Hott Sex! Who you got?   8/12/2005

Ladies and Gents, if you were to date someone lets say for minimum of 1 year, would it be contestant #1 who is extremely good looking and only average in the sack? Or contestant #2 who is dynamite between the sheets, but only average in looks? All other things being equal, who ya got?

28 Comentarios, 1885 Vistas, 148 Votos ,6.12 Puntuación
DaLucky13 48 H
16  Artículos
"T" or "A"????   4/12/2005

Now I'm one who wants to know why do men has to be just breast men or just butt men???? <br> Is it just because the women who we date, our friends catorigized us from that... <br> Or is it the reason that we like a certain type of woman that we can build a relationship with... <br> I want to know why... <br> And as always, be honest, ya'lll...

0 Comentarios, 157 Vistas, 8 Votos ,3.48 Puntuación
rm_Mz_thick2 41 M
33  Artículos
Is it too many   27/11/2005

Is it safe to say that we as people ask to many questions or not enough questions when we first start dating someone?

0 Comentarios, 141 Vistas, 11 Votos ,2.42 Puntuación
DaLucky13 48 H
16  Artículos
How long can you last???   27/11/2005

I really know that I'm about to stir some shit up this time... but, the question is simple... Some people claim that they can last "all night long", but only last a couple of hours, if only a couple minutes after the first nut. why is that ???

3 Comentarios, 268 Vistas, 15 Votos ,3.13 Puntuación
DaLucky13 48 H
16  Artículos
Would you do it in a public place????   26/11/2005

Now, just so we get it right... <br> Would you dare try to have sexual relations in a public place, and if you do , would you risk the chance of being caught??? Would it excite you orwould it be a turn-off???

1 Comentarios, 148 Vistas, 9 Votos ,3.00 Puntuación
ass   23/11/2005

do females like ass as much as males

1 Comentarios, 381 Vistas, 5 Votos ,2.49 Puntuación
???   23/11/2005

do females like the pain of anal or does it actually feel good

3 Comentarios, 530 Vistas, 7 Votos ,1.26 Puntuación
rm_ironman1268 43 H
8  Artículos
Does Size Really Matter   22/11/2005

I have heard many different opinions from women and articles but would really like to know does penis size really matter or not. Ladies let me know how important is size to you.

0 Comentarios, 472 Vistas, 10 Votos ,1.79 Puntuación
rm_aprilhoney 53 M
3  Artículos
What to do with a long distance attraction...   20/10/2005

Have you ever "met" someone on this site, got to talking with them, got interested despite yourself, but they lived far away? What did you do in that case?

2 Comentarios, 499 Vistas, 13 Votos ,2.98 Puntuación
rm_assround103 28 H
2  Artículos
Advise how to take the come   17/10/2005

i always wanted to teste the cum after i get fuckd but im not sure. i have never tested it but at the same time im curious. whoever experienced it please give me some advise how to take it. how does it tast. thanks

0 Comentarios, 464 Vistas, 20 Votos ,4.78 Puntuación
rm_14truckin 48 H
3  Artículos
Are you?   28/9/2005

It's said the 88% of men and 75% of women have voyeuristic leanings. I've seen women sneaking a peek and men trying to see down, through or up a woman’s clothing. Hell I admit I'm a voyeur. I get a thrill out of the unsanctioned glimpse, the pair that get carried away in public and the accidental flash. I can admit it. Can you?

1 Comentarios, 279 Vistas, 12 Votos ,2.80 Puntuación
heresjohnny1981 26 H
11  Artículos
no strings   23/9/2005

how many people out there are acctuly haveing no strings fun?is it possible to stay as no strings fun partners

3 Comentarios, 510 Vistas, 28 Votos ,4.06 Puntuación
Fantasy Help   15/9/2005

How could a good looking guy like myself ever get to fulfill my fantasy of a reverse gangbang. Im 5'7" 160lbs in good shape and have 8". Its not long but not short. I am attractive and I am wondering how in the world I could make this fantasy come true.. Ladies your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

2 Comentarios, 419 Vistas, 12 Votos ,3.86 Puntuación
spedandpurple 49 P
23  Artículos
gimme an honest answer   2/7/2005

I'm not gonna lie...i just want to know this for my own selfish reasons...but goes <br> How many of you guys would honestly see a woman that gave it up on the first date for more than just sex?

3 Comentarios, 990 Vistas, 50 Votos ,6.18 Puntuación
WeLuvAll0711 44 P
4  Artículos
$ is Better Than 3   17/6/2005

We have came to the realization here of late that when there is 4 people that the expierence in the bedroom is totally much better so what do you think

1 Comentarios, 286 Vistas, 16 Votos ,5.77 Puntuación
Were do thay go after you talk?   12/5/2005

I would like to know what happens to all those friends we talk to. After we talk a few times they seem to get scared. Should we not be ourselves and tell them we dont want anything out of this sight? Were is the for real swingers!!

5 Comentarios, 539 Vistas, 45 Votos ,4.91 Puntuación
rm_HowFarForU 58 H
1  Artículo
Percentage of padded bras   17/4/2005

Nothing too scientific, what is your guess as to the percentage of bras purchased that contain padding?

1 Comentarios, 164 Vistas, 14 Votos ,1.06 Puntuación
MrVitaminS 41 H
2  Artículos
Ladies Be Honest Quiz Pt 2   24/3/2005

I was going to save pt 2 of this line of questions for next week, but I decided to get the tame questions out of the way first before I move on to the more controversial ones. I got a comment about there not being enough questions, but I figured I'll keep it to a minimum of 3 to 5. Some of our fellow members can be a little long winded or should I say keyboard You know the ones ...

1 Comentarios, 315 Vistas, 29 Votos ,2.34 Puntuación
MrVitaminS 41 H
2  Artículos
Ladies Be Honest Quiz Pt 1   22/3/2005

These questions are not for me, I'm just writing this article for points. Just by posting this article I will receive my points. But I didn't just want to put up a half-ass article, so I tried to make it a little more interesting. So I thought I would just ask the questions that I and many other men have asked to understand why women think and do the things they do when in a relationship. ...

2 Comentarios, 249 Vistas, 23 Votos ,2.66 Puntuación
gurthang 49 H
2  Artículos
single or married?   4/3/2005

There are moments in which I have the feelings of being a ruin families. Often understood to me to have of the sexual relations with married women, these relationships are always much intense and pleasant. I do not try of the married women, but after some month of friendship they ask me to make sex. <br> I Am only to having this misfortune?

0 Comentarios, 152 Vistas, 22 Votos ,0.48 Puntuación
meintoronto 43 H
3  Artículos
The dating romance survey   15/2/2005

Ever wonder how your date went or weather you should be prepared for damage control well I have put together a non official quiz for fun to weigh the success of your date romantically. <br> Eye contact during the date can reflect interest from who you are with. A) Lots of direct eye contact with my date. A bit of direct eye contact with my date. C) Little to no eye contact ...

0 Comentarios, 193 Vistas, 23 Votos ,4.88 Puntuación
meintoronto 43 H
3  Artículos
The sexual drive quiz   1/2/2005

Do you wonder what your sexual drive is or how it measures up? Well I have created a little questionnaire to help you determine your sexual drive just answer the questions and take a total on the end. <br> How often do you think of sex. a) every second of every day b) at least 10 times a day c) once every other day d) once a month <br> how offer do you have sex. ...

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meintoronto 43 H
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Sexual brain fart   28/1/2005

If you are having sex and experience a gas buildup what do you do? a) break wind and on. b) hold it in and hope for the beast. c) break wind and blame it on your partner. <br> If you are giving oral to your partner and they smell from sweet or whatever what do you do. a) move your foreplay to the shower. b) skip the oral and move on. c) keep going you love ...

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yungd323 36 H
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the joy of safe sex   26/1/2005

although we all enjoy the pleasure or raw sex and sometimes it can even be a bigger turn on we still need to practice safer sex because we are all sharing the same partners. and i dont want to sleep with a woman a pick up something some other guy lef behind. so ladies if he wont strap up make for the benefit of everyone.

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jd3464032004yh 51 H
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To all the ladys on here would you go out with a guy like me?   25/1/2005

Hello ladys i just want to know who would go out with a guy like me? I am just woundering what kind of guy the ladys like to go out with because i guess none of you like cowboy guys like me look at my profile and let me know if i am not good enough to go out with or what i am just me not like other guys on the site let me know what kind of guy you all like affectionate, controlling, ...

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69josh 45 H
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women   30/10/2004

I am wondering the best way to meet women in atlanta. I go out have occasional sex but I want atleast sex on a regular basis. I have done the one night stand thing alot.

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CJUnleashed 44 P
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What's the best way to spend an date?   14/10/2004

Okay, so you've found someone you really "connect" with, and you're getting ready to get together for the first time. <br> Now what? <br> What's your best idea for getting together?

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thick_berries 37 M
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puzzy eatin   16/9/2004

1.whts the first step in eatin pussy? a/spread b/finger c/look at it d/taste it <br> <br> 2.whts the frist step in sucking a dick? a/look at it <br> b/touch it c lick it d/just stick it down your throat

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NastyintheNW 44 P
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RE: guys shaving   12/8/2004

My man just started shaving a couple weeks ago, and I love it. We never really thought too much about it, he didn't have a whole lot anyway, but something about that smooth shave, with that sexy little 'happy trail' going up several inches just turns me on double time....

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whip71 46 H
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re thinking bad about women how put out   12/6/2004

I like anyone how is honest about what they want and if you want sex then you should have sex if the guy doesn't repect you the it's his lost. There are plenty of other guys like myself that not only would respect you but would like another chance to see someone that is straight forward as yourself and not trying to hid what she wants or needs.

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rm_two4fun1962 51 M
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Re: Is it odd for a guy to shave....   31/5/2004

No, I don't think it's odd for a man to shave, and I personally prefer a man who takes the time shave for his woman. Not only does it make sex better (at least to me) but it also just looks better.

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rm_two4fun1962 51 M
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Re: threesomes MFM or FMF whats best?   9/5/2004

That would totally depend on who wants the 3some. I myself being a straight female, think i'd personally like the MFM best, but am not opposed to trying a FMF, for my boyfriend.

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Re: Sex on first meeting   5/5/2004

Not to be blunt, but isn't that pretty much what this site is for? Anyone who isn't looking for that would probably be better off at Date, Match, Cupid, Nothing wrong with you if you don't want to, but this probably isn't the place to be.

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t4nkg1rl 34 M
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Girls and Guys   20/4/2004

ok life is really confusing when it comes to men and women it seems that half the time the woman is critically thinking about every lil fact about every thing he says to her and he is just sitting back relaxing not even thinking much about what he sai cuz hes thinking simple and believes she means what she says when she said it to him but in her mind its not even about that!!! She getts mad ...

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analmagnets 37 P
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answer to quiz   11/2/2004

ADULT HETEROSEXUAL AROUSAL QUESTIONNAIRE Please rate on a scale of: 1 = not arousing 2 = slightly arousing 3 = mildly arousing 4 = moderately arousing 5 = very arousing 6 = extremely arousing ___4__1. Watching your partner undress _____2a. Seeing your partner in lingerie (males) __3___2b. Seing your partner in underwear (females) __3___3. Seeing your partner undressed ...

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rm_fitfirm37 50 H
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RE: Multi- Orgasm   30/12/2003

If I don't make a woman have multiple orgasms I havent done my job. I dated one that I could make cum 8 to 10 times everytime. Orgasms are more psycological than physical. The physical part of it plays a major role but the mental part plays more. I can control my orgasms by not thinking about how good it feels or how good she looks. If you have a woman that only lays there and thinks that ...

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how many dates should you have before having sex   17/12/2003

how many date, s should u go out on me if it happens it happens somthing click, s ya no what do u think about it i no alot of people feel the same way yes or no

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RCwis11 47 H
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Height Importance   30/10/2003

My question is simple. How important is a man's height to women? And, of course, why? I am 5'7", so I have on the lower end of the scale. I see ad's that seem like I fit every part of what a woman is looking for, but then I get to the height part. 6 foot or taller. I see this with women that are as short as 5 feet tall. Something I have been trying to understand.

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