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19 Junio 2018COUPLES UKLAST POST ... AGAIN!1298   
16 Junio 2018COUPLES UKWorld Cup predictions2   
7 Junio 2018COUPLES UKMore Jokes694   
21 Mayo 2018COUPLES UKmemorable quotes ... yet again!73   
21 Mayo 2018COUPLES UKquite interesting ... again!52   
16 Mayo 2018COUPLES UKTHE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY (version 8 )28055   
7 Mayo 2018COUPLES UKcouples for meets11   
1 Marzo 2018COUPLES UKPoets Corner24   
5 Febrero 2018COUPLES UKYoung hot wife1   
1 Enero 2018Virtual Symposium GroupI know this early !1   
31 Deciembre 2017Virtual Symposium Group#37 December Topic:" Santa's List: Naught or Nice " LINK Here1   
21 Noviembre 2017Virtual Symposium Group#37 DECEMBER SYMPOSIUM VOTE POLL1   
14 Noviembre 2017Virtual Symposium Group#36 November Topic Link1   
14 Noviembre 2017Virtual Symposium GroupJINGLE BELLS#37 Virtual Symposium DECEMBER SUGGESTION BOX1   
23 Octubre 2017Virtual Symposium Group#36 NOVEMBER SYMPOSIUM VOTE POLL XXXVI1   
19 Octubre 2017Virtual Symposium Group#36 SUGGESTION BOX for November Topic4   
13 Octubre 2017Virtual Symposium Group#35 TOPIC LINK For OCTOBER 20174   
22 Septiembre 2017Virtual Symposium Group#35 SYMPOSIUM VOTE POLL for OCTOBER TOPIC1   
19 Septiembre 2017Virtual Symposium Group#35 SYMPOSIUM SUGGESTION BOX for OCTOBER2   
10 Septiembre 2017COUPLES UKmellow yellow bath fun2   
10 Septiembre 2017Virtual Symposium Group#34 SYMPOSIUM TOPIC "PAIN" Link4   
9 Septiembre 2017COUPLES UKmellow yellow bath fun read other post has it didnt go up prop thanks1   
6 Septiembre 2017HNW BloggersSeptember 6-Something starting with the letter T!1   
23 Agosto 2017Virtual Symposium Group#34 SEPTEMBER VOTE POLL1   
16 Agosto 2017HNW BloggersAugust 16-White1   
15 Agosto 2017Virtual Symposium Group#33 Symposium Link for August "What Is Normal?"5   
15 Agosto 2017Virtual Symposium Group#34 SEPTEMBER SUGGESTION BOX2   
26 Julio 2017HNW BloggersJuly 26-Road Trip!1   
25 Julio 2017Virtual Symposium Group#33 AUGUST TOPIC VOTE POLL1   
19 Julio 2017HNW BloggersJuly 19-Fantasy1   
18 Julio 2017Virtual Symposium Group#33 AUGUST SYMPOSIUM SUGGESTION BOX1   
12 Julio 2017HNW BloggersJuly 12-Summer Fun1   
9 Julio 2017Virtual Symposium Group#32 Symposium Link Topic July:Summer Vacations2   
5 Julio 2017COUPLES UKThe Good, the Bad and the Ugly (version 7)30144   
27 Junio 2017French Toast AficionadosWhere is everyone?1   
26 Junio 2017Virtual Symposium Group#32 VOTE POLL for JULY TOPIC2   
26 Junio 2017COUPLES UKcouples for parties175   
14 Junio 2017HNW BloggersJune 14-Tools1   
14 Junio 2017Virtual Symposium Group#32 SUGGESTION BOX for JULY 2017 TOPIC3   
8 Junio 2017Virtual Symposium Group#31 Symposium JUNE TOPIC LINK for USER NAMES4   
2 Junio 2017COUPLES UKgood girl loves it deep throat1   
31 Mayo 2017HNW BloggersMay 31-BDSM2   
29 Mayo 2017Virtual Symposium Group#31 VOTE POL FOR JUNE Topic2   
24 Mayo 2017COUPLES UKLinks to Missing Polls and Posts65   
24 Mayo 2017COUPLES UKChoose love Manchester!1   
23 Mayo 2017Virtual Symposium Group#31 SUGGESTION BOX for June 2017 TOPIC2   
17 Mayo 2017HNW BloggersMay 17-Yellow1   
7 Mayo 2017Virtual Symposium Group#30 MAY TOPIC: DREAMS place to LINK is HERE on 5/13